ActivePerl License Agreement

ActivePerl is covered by the ActiveState Community License.

Please note: If you plan to redistribute ActivePerl you will need a
different license. For more information please visit

ActivePerl Community License v2.2


This license establishes the terms under which the Package may be
copied, modified, distributed and/or redistributed. The intent is that
ActiveState Software Inc. (“ActiveState”) maintains control over the
development and distribution of the Package, while allowing the users
of the Package to use the Package in a variety of ways. You are always
permitted to make arrangements wholly outside of this license directly
with ActiveState. If the terms of this license do not permit the full
use that you propose to make of the Package or if you require
clarification regarding your particular intended use of the Package,
You should contact in order to seek
clarification or to request a different licensing arrangement. Support
for this Package is available from ActiveState under a separate
agreement. Please contact for more information.


“ActiveState” refers to ActiveState Software Inc., the copyright
holder of the Package.

“Package” refers to those ActivePerl files, including, but not limited
to, source code, binary executables, documentation, images, and
scripts, which are distributed by ActiveState, and derivatives of that
collection and/or those files.

“You” and “your” means any person who copies, distributes, or modifies
the Package.

1. You may use this Package for commercial or non-commercial purposes
without charge.

2. You may make and give away verbatim copies of this Package for
personal use, or for use within your organization, provided that
you duplicate all of the original copyright notices and associated
disclaimers. You may not distribute copies of this Package, or
copies of packages derived from this Package, or cause by Your
actions copies of this Package to be distributed, to others outside
your organization without specific prior written permission from
ActiveState (although you are encouraged to direct them to sources
from which they may obtain it for themselves). Subject to clause 4
below, You may combine and distribute the Package with Your package
only in accordance with the terms of a separate ActiveState

3. You may apply bug fixes, portability fixes, and other modifications
derived from ActiveState. A Package modified in such a way shall
still be covered by the terms of this license.

4. The license also allows You to redistribute parts of the Package as
part of an application generated by wrapping tools such as PAR,
PerlApp or Perl2Exe. However, this License does not allow You to
(a) redistribute the Package as a whole, (b) use its parts to
create a language distribution, or (c) redistribute the PerlScript,
Perl for ISAPI or PerlEx components with Your application.

5. ActiveState’s name and trademarks may not be used to endorse or
promote packages derived from this Package without specific prior
written permission from ActiveState.


7. This Package may be subject to export controls imposed by
applicable laws and regulations, which may prohibit or restrict the
distribution, exportation and re-exportation of the Package. You
will comply with all applicable export control laws, including such
laws of the U.S., Canada and the European Community, in effect from
time to time, including without limitation the Canadian Export and
Import Permits Act, the Canadian United Nations Act, and the
U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and with all export laws and
restrictions and regulations of the United States Department of
Commerce or other United States, European Community or other
foreign agency or authority, and will not distribute, export or
re-export, or allow the distribution, export or re-export, of the
Package or any copy or adaptation of direct product thereof, or any
underlying technology, except in full compliance with any and all
such applicable laws, restrictions and regulations. You represent
and warrant that you are not located in, under the control of, or a
national or resident of, any restricted country (currently
including Myanmar [Burma], Belarus, Cuba, Libya, North Korea, Iran,
Iraq, Sudan, Syria, and Afghanistan) or of any designated entity or